Most often in life looms in front of your eyes?

Just a few minutes, watch TV, and on the pretext of chocolates you will try to put in a lot of "chocolate". With, If you're a person susceptible, and to attract your attention, there is no need to break your nose, the are you still trying to love people so, as this offer on TV — the "chocolate" you will want very much. And the emotion that strengthens and striving to be the "good", on arrival, you have taken care of in advance, If, Of course, your rulers are not complete idiots :)

And here you, all this fighting for the truth, go, gryzete my lips, close your own eyes, curse at and condemn myself for, that you originated such desires. And thus prožigaete the remains of its energy, information available to the. Plus have only behind accusations of its own insolvency on the part of those who so valued.

Well Congrats to you. You are a worthy representative of the system, bringing sacrifices his own life for the sake of existence and development of the, not even a finger touch. A true benefactor of emptiness :)

And why???

Simplicity impresses with its superiority over simplicity.


  1. The problem which? — Emotional.
  2. Emotions where? — On a psychological level.
  3. On a psychological level that? — Psychic energy tension.

You need to consider the energy States of the.

For an object of perception, use, existing and well known to us, energy bodies, and interrelated with chakras. So, the standard "rasčakrovka»:

Well as you? Apparently, the handsome :) ))) By the way, who understands? Who is like our friend the meditator? :)

The normal flow of energy: coming out of one place and go to another. :) As in Figure.

In our case,, Cosmic Energy gives Land. She arrives in the legs, does the turnover in all the chakras in order, and the updated energy goes through the back of the. That's so, If simplistically.

And if more detail-… :)

Passing through the energy centers (chakra) information in the form of energy (Cosmic Energy) is modified, aboutGodcoming the Love, which We in Her invested, and more goes into Cosmos, bearing information World through which passed the. AND Cosmos, based on this information, makes decisions, what further threads Energy send and where.

A simple example: If the energy becomes stuck in one of the chakras, without going further-her first attempt to balance the, and, if necessary, disable. Depending on the level of contact and scale of thought Creatures It can happen on the energy, psychological or biological level, or at all levels at once. More on this in an accessible form you can tell Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev and its "Diagnostics Of Karma".

Consider our chakra. :) And this will help us Alex Space and "Tibetan medicine». So, starting from the bottom:


  1. Life. The rough form of energy conversion (biological food, aggression) in the modified Space.
  2. Reproduction. A similar process on the sexual level.
  3. Sports. Getting satisfaction from playing sports and action.
  4. Human
    Love (Love to the Middle). Opportunity to live and engage in social relations, and feel of this Love.
  5. Employment creation, and the ability to generate energy with a creative plan.
  6. Awareness of the fact, achievement of the objectives of the, embodiment of ideas (power, good penetration).
  7. Individual access to Divine the level of. Contact with The Cosmos, change Reality, creating Worlds.

Inspected. There are two "mainstream": life (the first chakra) and reproduction (the second chakra). At the surface (pokazušnom) the level of all the "fight" for life, and «support» propagation. And Space with this agree. But progress energy is blocked. And in those not achieved a sense of completeness. And to control the energy centers are institutions.


  1. Life and health. And supervises his medical Institute»
  2. Sex and reproduction. Under the patronage of "public houses". If somewhere "Brothels" prohibited-there's executive bodies help develop the case "suspicious" patterns. And organisational methods, tricks and tweaks.
  3. Sports and Sports Association. And the progressive young people look after youth society.
  4. Human Love under the direction of "caring" family institutions.
  5. Creativity is discovering "Institute of education", "Scientific Academies», Artistic and Poetic-Skul′ptorskimi associations.
  6. Implementation plans and "business world" under the proper adjustment of the Tax Inspection».
  7. And for the quality of the God will have to answer before the Institution of the Church ". :) (Truly funny).

Each chakra can be divided into seven podčakr, which are similar with the main chakras chakra in the properties, which contains the.

Consider, for example, the first chakra and the food for which it is responsible.

Cosmic Energy comes with food, and dependent on psychological States and sensations, that is, the consciousness, She (Cosmic Energy) is tone and strives to ensure the color of the chakra, shade which gave, passing passing chakras and acquiring additional shades, or reinforcing the existing. I.e.. If you eat in the popyhah dramatically and quickly, and think of any purpose, in an effort to expedite their approach again very soon-it will want to eat, because. Energy acquires red shade (shade the first chakra), and animal top. The same happens in all other energy centers.

If you enjoy eating, prosmakovat′ it, receive from it pleasure, and to achieve this sense of perfection- Energy already be striving in the seventh chakra, and purchased the same shade in the associated chakras will give her only the resonance, i.e.. will strengthen its. Therefore, different teachings and religions recommend before meals prayers, calm down, to achieve unity with nature. AND, Crown reception-sit down. :) You and your family prepare to take food at the table, It is important to, that is not a window dressing (in such cases it is better to stay for 10 minutes).

So think: that we often feel?

It is not difficult to notice, the us focus on food and sex, even when we do creative work, implementation of ideas, scientific activity, try to understand the wisdom of religions, or, even, When trying to savor the food gurmanskuû (This is brazen:because. This is the third level of the depth of this system). Plus it is complemented by the deliberate concentration on certain physiological sensations (can ask for what organs which chakra is responsible, and think what areas of the body are stimulated directly or indirectly. It also concentrates the energy in the chakras), and the phenomenon of inducing life in financial-economic side. That, in turn, takes consciousness from the world of sensations in the unfulfilled desires.



Whatever the cleverly-fictitious system always initially there was an absolute panacea. At all stages of life should be to seek sense of completion, enjoy the process. One a complete solution stronger and more important than endless amounts of substandard. I.e.. to feel Divine
Love Is Sincere Baby Joy.

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