Моральное разложениеAre you “Clever and Great”. As your face.
Aims to take “High Position”:
Vyiskivaeš′ books “Geniuses”,
Do you Make “scripts”, imitirueš′ not your own “impressions”.
And not even imagine, that your imbecil′nye zeal
Confidently backed you in the pit of your “Moral Decay”.

Many have heard, but few know and, even more so, thought about that: ” What is moral decay?”. Often people prefer to read all serious issues just as the words of the:” Once someone has said – Perhaps it is somehow a”, by continuing to use in your own life “over the years, developed behaviors”, even, not knowing, that it's just grafted best for someone templates. So who stands to gain have you a fool, or otesannym Chump.

Switch to vector space. Here you have your own Vector Forces, represents a collection of all of you.

When you select a goal to further implement – This vector you use to implement the plan.

If you have sufficient force – the objective would be achieved very easily. But on the way to achieve it, the various situations may arise…

For Example, If you are unfamiliar or not studied for the Environment – You can distract or try to entrap. Due to the low pressure on the strengths, and strong pressure on the weakest part of the. Strengths and weaknesses can be seen as strong and weak components of your common vector of force. The hide and its weaknesses, and his strong displays.

Вектор и помехиTowards can be distracting “the opportunity to” either situation. Which, probably, will find its expression in the form of chicken, Delicatessen, sweet candy, juicy girls, shiny trinkets, fascinating moments, intriguing situations, additional opportunities, easy extraction, Misty the illusion of calm and peaceful life, the illusion of goodness, any other temptation.

All of this will you podsunuto only with one intent: prevent you from. Disturbances are usually so, to end up:
1. Distract you from achieving your Goals.
2. Create an impediment towards the goal of.
3. Hit the desire to reach the chosen target.
4. Mislead you in pursuing the objective of.
5. Create excess capacity, to be attained purpose was destroyed surplus you applied Force. (How sad…But this is not very difficult.)
6. Use your strength to solve their own problems, by creating a barrier or an illusion in the way of your traffic.
7. As well as other options, that can generate a Creature devoid of mind. They are completely not creative, but absolutely perverted nature.

In order for the, to determine the quality of their power, learn their makings – It is best to look at the “the origins of the”. Refer to the roots, analyze your past.

This would be very appropriate to recall his past lives, translate. It is not difficult. Just enough to immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and recall. No one thinks about past lives, just because, that imposed on officially sources, that man is mortal and lives one life (not updating, the body of the), and the soul is immortal (keeping quiet, This is the consciousness, Which can be translated as many lives in various bodies). By the way, Soul, being in the body, is a variant of matter and spirit.

Once you remember their past lives – see what hand you have developed. All of these abilities will be the power of your Mind, Soul, Intelligence.

In this case it can be argued, that consciousness = Soul = Mind.
Power = Spirit = Energy = Character.

It is necessary to identify the generic makings, on which you can install with ease the most developed relationships in your DNA, which are nothing more than a channel cosmic energy.

Космос Каналы
Let's look at an example:
If your ancestors have cultivated plants from generation to generation – means, What is in your DNA spirals formed channels using, You can receive information from space about growing plants. If your ancestors were animals – you have feeds for livestock farmers. If you are a descendant of engineers – you already have the makings of engineering. Maybe you are a Yogi – It is no exaggeration to say, you're the lucky one. (A), can be, your family is famous for its magic or Shamanism – then you are at the DNA level are the makings in these areas. And for you with very little effort to create an elixir or the sphere object, in which you have talent. You don't have to worry about special powers to create complex and ideal structures, inherent in those areas, where you have the makings of. All related you will create to you easily and naturally. In this case you will seem, that you have done nothing. While foreign structures will bore you very much. Therefore always develop exactly the makings and own strengths.

Which cannot be said about zetah, which are exceptional lack of mind. Any natural process they cause enormous difficulties and suffering, especially creative. And this is because of the deranged approach in all undertakings. In order for the, to reduce your suffering (but really it's just an illusion to interfere) they intentionally create obstacles to the realization of the vision of talented people: “the entry way”, “podmyvaût Foundation”, “put a spoke in the wheel”, say illusion, steal ideas, and other abominations. Thanks to all these mechanisms they hold power. In other words, they just steal from those, Who it belongs to.

If you are a “Astraletčik” – you have a big surprise in the knowledge that, that is not easy to go to the Astral plane as you, and some even believe, It's some sort of science fiction, a mystic; the topic of which is to say nothing. If you are very cool Astraletčik – spending time on a lengthy quest for ways to exit the Astral, you even suspect you will not, that walks around the room or surrounding areas, you're in my dreams – turns out to be a journey to the spirit world, which is also known as Astral. If you are mighty – traveling through Alternate Worlds, or living in them in parallel, do not think much of: “Where you? That, Yes as?”; simply accumulating current experience and impressions, puzzled by “finding the Astral”, ask once passing some creatures in the alternative world:” This Astral?”; get the answer:” Well, almost.” and thus close to.

Hereditary Shaman should not read even books, to cook the right medicine. Hereditary biologist easily dealt with by breeding plants, and getting terrific yields. The true Emperor knows, you need people. The true man is behaving humanly. And each Consciousness (Soul) selects the most suitable DNA, by nature, in the preliminary selection of suitable for the rebirth of families.

If the strength of your consciousness and DNA is, to Rob, kill, corrupting, the bursting of, decomposing, narkomanit′, live for fun, create revelries – confident of transforming their own Consciousness into the anus, a stinky piece of shit, you leave a legacy to their children a great opportunity to feel the “anal pressure capacity” instead of living and enjoy, in the form of hereditary DNA. And you get an excellent opportunity in the next life incarnate as a filler of rustic toilet, accumulating experience in a tranquil village of quiet. Some believe: “No Soul! All this bluff!” They are right: You can then begin Substantive heartless soul? It means they have not. And soulless Beings, There is no reason to be present among beings, with Soul.

Generic feeds.

Every body belongs to a genus with a corresponding set of DNA. If your set of pretty clean – This can “puzzle” some of the creators of the human race and try to help you “help”. What in your family line will try to inject specially prepared by Zeta, generic line which will be something like a sewer pipe. So does mixing generic and you will able to Exchange part of their ancestral threads on threads “sewage systems”. Life alien and all its embedded nature, of course, improve significantly, because it expands the ability to reset its own crimes on your bright heads, making views, they're on your side.

Such “helpers” always try to leave as many children as possible, and from different genera. Such a prospect gives them the opportunity to merge “the sewer” in all of the available generic feeds. They can intentionally trigger the birth of a child, even, If the will promise “just jump”; nothing special. This may look like a haphazard or awkward, but then you have nothing to do.

Because “sewage flows” are low frequency aspects – You can pick up the same when immersed in low frequency. This usually occurs as a result of various types of alcohol. While the Creature is vibrating at low frequency – it becomes visible and accessible (to some extent,) for the impact of the lower Dimensions. So in the simplest case is the ability to snap up podselennuû Soul, and what begins to happen, that practice is known as split personality. If you're lucky and you “širnetes′ drug” before “creation of children”, Perhaps, to make it more fun – the Soul simply uses the new generic channel and get settled in the body of your unborn baby or will try to do it.

To help protect yourself – avoid communication and, even more so, contacts with criminal aliens.

True Man.

Ever wonder:” What is the difference between Z from person?” The answer is quite simple. If you ask:” How to hammer a nail?” Z you with complete seriousness will offer 50 ways how to do it, calling you at times hidden on the morality of laughter, a man just to score a nail. And in such a situation, the Z, because of the lack of explanatory phone, else can say:” Here you see it, I taught you to hammer in nails. Now in gratitude to build me a House.” By the way, There is only one way to hammer in a nail: take a nail and hammer.
The true Man is different from “An Inflated” or “Razduvšegosâ” order, that is able to do all of the States. This means, what he can do. It follows, that it can handle any task.

“Puffed Up People” He can just hang “the noodles on the ears”, build the illusion, misleading, uses the gullibility of true people, to build their own hands mikroboskopičeskoe happiness monstroidal′nyh sizes. Usually it turns out to be cumbersome and clunky, because the author's – mediocre momentum, passing through a bundle of nerves, in the brain of mikroboskopičeskogo Consciousness.

As the weakening morals and associated vector of thought thinking ability weakens, not only is the power of thought, but other components. Usually, was such a process, The creature turns into mâgkoteluû “soplû”. Becomes easily malleable and managed.

You certainly are talented in that area, you love most. Probably in early childhood, you were engaged in the, that Love.

In principle, the, the picture is clear.

Tips “specialists” from Zetov:
1) Whether it's an oddball ': write any nonsense.
2) Become a rear view – tell the, the vyzubril.
3) You can become Osbourne – This is a Holy zetovskaâ post.
4) Large stores tasty drinks – Keep smiling boy: debilam discounts.

Perhaps you will have the ephemeral life. But if you, all the same, pomrete – the body of your, most likely, will be in the pit at the same depth as other.

Bonus track.
Zero – Will be all good.
Civil Defense – Black Raven.
Kitarō – Michi
Kitaro – Fire

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