Финансовая системаCut eye new emblem:
It shoots pain old problem.
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“You said the financial system!”

Money – dust it intelligence; product question.

The more busy money Creature, the more his intelligence is similar to dust, and the more reluctant it is.

The more value you have money and currency component, the more you seek to turn into dust and doubts.

The meaning of money.

That is between you and any object of this world? Between you and a mug, between you and the stones, You can navigate between, between you and the opportunity to be healthy? In the natural environment – No problem; the unnatural – money, or any other mediation.

So instead of, to receive those or other objects necessary for you, you direct all efforts in search of people money, you do not need. They are only common condition for obtaining goods and services. So bezdal′, controlling money, control of your life. And it is a crime against the cosmos, Original sin in the eleventh Degree.

Everyone who develops the so-called financial system have committed the same crime.

Разговор с Финансовой системойThere is a common misconception that money makes life better. If so – then give a concrete example: Exactly How Money Makes Life Better? Do you know why you can not bring such examples? Because there is no. But such claims are merely bombastic lie. Thanks to which different do not conceive themselves Nothing can fall off as bird droppings on the Light Head, they waited their entire worthless life, podvernuvšuûsâ on the occasion of the.

Money makes life only worse and harder, making it difficult for her to do the impossible. Put just above mediocrity and even higher than the cosmos and God. Naglejšee Crime. This is just one of the reasons, where in the world all wrong.

No doubt only the, If money was worthy of Being – not all would have looked so horrible.


Consider a banking question. Structure, on the system that is known to the average person only, that it is somehow difficult and confusing.

1. Bank – This is the object, containing the money.

2. Where there bank money? There are typing. Either type in any of the cellars, and after import into the basement of the Bank.

3. The Bank will pay you.

4. Your salary you are in bank deposits.

4. (a)) Do not notice anything strange?

5. The Bank may finance the various organization, and not just your.

6. What should be, that one and the same salary can give nth number of people n organizations in this bank. Subject to the, all the money in the Bank.

7. And where are all the money? :) )))

БанкHere's you and Sage. And people like you, carriers in the Bank money, in the world very much. Who them there shall not be – the usually owns the banks and financial system.

“If I had my Bank – I'd lived through people carrying money in it. This would be enough and my children, and grandchildren, and other generations. My family has done everything possible to ensure, that people were fooled by the lack of, as I and my family are living at their expense. And I would be pleased. I wish it was. Oh, What a pity, I have no own bank…” (said the future owner of the Bank)

“If I had a private financial system – would you all without lyrics simply be my slaves.” (said the future owner of the financial system)

Would you like to own their own financial system?

When the time comes – beat you will be out of money, but criminal physiognomy.

Addition of FS for the judgement of the.

Being involved in the creation of, Formation and distribution of financial systems, similar to the one, that was on planet Earth. In order to exalt it above the Creation, and make the head of mediocrity. Sentenced to expulsion from the wellness Things, Space Life, Space Planet without the continued presence or appearance. In order to “Brighten up” your sentence, you need to show your integrity and the ability to find, be sure to take your original place in life. As well as all, who praised, glorified money and spent life for them.
Hunting season for God's Money is declared open.

The Beetle-bark beetle.

If I was a bark beetle, I would have gnawed the bark, gnawed, and then eaten. First would be nagryz more, and then everybody ate. I ate a lot of bark, how much could. I ate it with pleasure, čavkaâ, splashing saliva and oblizyvaâs′. I would have eaten the bark up oduri, up to blevotni, and all the, that would not have been able to eat, would bite and istykal fingers. Yes, What a pity, that I don't bark beetle.

Delusion does not cease to be a misconception of the, the majority of shares his.


The Irony Of Money.

No matter how “the mighty” You may be – not able to love – you're only “Microbe”.


There is a financial system, on the money that says “in God we Trust”. That can be translated as:
1) “In God we – Trust.”
2) “In God we trust.”
What should be, that they are trusted by God himself, If we consider the 1) case. Because the trust of God himself – This is The component, It is owned by the Trust that God himself. And this is very positive news. In this case, all of the financial system is the property of God.

Финансовая системаMove on to the 2). If the financial system claims, what she trusted God – so it will not be difficult and, Moreover, She will be happy to provide full control over all financial institutions and control accounts to God himself,.

Who God knows all. To send information, provides access and control of the financial system, its owners may use the contact information in section “contact” Our project. Otherwise, your application will be considered as falsification and fraud using the name of God, even if the new money will be issued.

Our Sword.

It should not be forgotten that the, that our sword washes away your sins.

Should not be influenced by the shadow of a doubt based on the shadow noise.

Does that make them?

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