Ловец ВетраCame Spring two thousand and nine. AND, continuously flying, clouds on the background, forever indigovogo the color of the sky,reminiscent of the awakening of nature and the diving somewhere in the distance, a hint about the possibility to take Infinity and pushing to do it, they say THE, that the time had come to take from life ALL.

Let's start first ... Without hiding the truth, will report: Now you'll learn there again. :)

In our development we can help most: Prana, Shakti, Cosmic Energy, NATURAL LIVING BEING.

So, as the same Its There are?

Настройка Паруса

Very simple! You only need to achieve a State, where there is a, as the energy of the body spreads.

It suffices to consider the simple example: Once you absorb food after a while you feel rastečenie. As a result of a conversion of food (energy in rough shape) It is distributed to all parts of your body in NOK.

AND, as a rule, in such a situation, you express your sympathy by type: "well, now the Fed ".

It is not difficult to notice, that food, to an acceptable for assimilation in the body mind, leads the body itself. And you are using their minds create a situation, When this process begins.

The most common way of thousand-the, in which the material food absorption. But why limit myself and assure that, that don't know nothing?

Мир ОщущенийSo, In addition to World matter is also World sensations. AND, as times, Thanks to this World, We achieve State of satiety, fullness, feeling of saturation. And in this World sensations in the most comfortable position are
those, Anyone have a great emotional contact: artists, scientists and those, whom Aura gilded. That's so! :)

Will not stay long in the head blow, It's time to have and eat something :)

Повелитель Звуков

NATURAL LIVING BEING – live energy, living a life of its own! It Is SHE is the Foundation and driving force of all existing forms of life. The actual implementation Divine Love. It is constantly samorazvivaetsâ, and all you have to do is to give HER the ability to do it. Well, in General, It's clear as WE ITS Love. Later you get will show. I think everything is clear: energy replenishment is due to the feeling of this remarkable CREATURES, and permissions IT take control of your.

To It get enough- Its you just need to pass through itself to such an extent, There is a sense in which saturation. All just ...

On a similar principle is nourished by other Creatures (forms of energy).

ShaktiInfinite Ocean Space Divine Energy, is creating and executing The Infinite Ocean Divine Consciousness Shiva, and constitute an integral whole.

Shiva is one of the highest forms of expression Single God, in our Infinite Space.

Space Energy -in principle all kinds of energy and there are forms of this The Great Space Energy. Find one of the types of, suitable your contemplative philosophy, making his feelings, and allow it to penetrate into your body. Well suited for artists and for all who has a strong creative beginning, and is able to monitor the energy of creativity.

Prana -the energy of life, coming from NATURAL LIVE CREATURES. Of course, She Is Infinite. Are everywhere, penetrates everywhere. One of the ways Its see: out on the street, shooting glasses, raise your head, look to the sky, not on Sun, and so, to It not slepilo eyes, focus look at the distance 5-10 centimeters from the eyes. Seek status, that notice Golden "specks", erratically moving. Achieve a certain status to remember this feeling and keep it. If you can hold the whole day is a full day and will be fueled by. The same can be nurtured, If you can remember this status and log in.

Ощущение Входа

When you throw a biological food-it is necessary to focus not on the "food" and "food", but the sensations, that you are having. You need to be in a State with high Energies. Not excluded, to achieve these sensations, you need something to eat. ;) I'm doing, and the amount of food will decrease over time.

To get enough detail in the following chapters.

This In The Spring Of will release a large amount of Cosmic Energy, and if not prohlopaete Its and will be able to login with It in resonance-
find yourself on the wave, which you will carry through all the complex nuances of transition, so, lovâŝie wave, meet Spring
WaveCosmos Announces Spring

Ловящие Волны

…Yes ...and I, Perhaps, Let's drive too ...

Ловящие Волны


…and sounds, intertwined with each other, frozen in the beauty of their own harmonies, though admiring the open State, in anticipation of the birth of a new melody.

Повелитель Звуков

-The one who had and ate. :) ))

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