In order to experience in practice, What is Divine Love necessary and sufficient to use one of the following ways:

1. Think of yourself as a child. Up to three years of age. What did you do, How to behave. And reproduce the sensations. You can even sit down and play the game. It is important to remember sensations, from these lessons. If you recall the hard-ask your parents.

2. Get your hands on newborn or watch them. Especially after he woke up. It is not difficult to be noticed, that he admires the surrounding World. Here it is! Ta Beauty, that said all the Russian classics. Ta, which will save the world.

Divine Love contains energy water. In its essence it is. So this is the the Power of water, from which we all witnessed. AND, Moreover, all that has happened. Therefore, 3-mode:

3.Relax, take a bath, or go for a swim, come in a and feel the water in a.

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