Космос и СолнцеRains and sunrises. Beautiful World!
Source of nature is unique.
Solov′inoû trill forest conquer,
Give all Weather song
(On the lučike of light raprostranim)
Forest dance, isparim River,
Bathing in the sky, ultramarin.
We are with you once again
- Sun, be my! :)

Thanks to the Sun proishoditbol′šinstvo events in the world of the planets. Especially, If this is a natural phenomenon. To someone face turns "peace", and to someone from Nature. Each Sun has its own character and each he is special.

Горизонт СолнцаМощь СолнцаСолнечное МогуществоПланета и СолнцеСолнечное Гало
Солнечный РостСолнечный ПепелСолнечное движениеЖар ПтицаСолнечный Взрыв


There are two basic Solar Nature: Black and white.

Black Sun Солнечная Политикаis formed by the accumulation of non-energy items, the energy which it uses for its own glow. Once the item is consumed with life support system of the Black Sun-it is processed for further use its energy, the number of items over time tends to zero. As an example of the Black Sun is a model system for Outlook which is benefit. Obviously, the system involves a small number of freedoms, which are generally more comparable to a captivity. Black Sun's life cycle is more like a survival.

Солнечное затмениеЧерное ДвижениеСолнце и УтроСолнце в рукахСолнце садится

White Sun Солнце Горитis formed at the expense of its own internal energy, or in the ruzul′tate resonance integral energy elements with the other complexity. Renewal may occur if you upgrade charge of energy. White Sun knows his task and performs it till the end. As an example, a model of the White Sun is a concept which is use. Obviously, that such a system presupposes the development of integrity, clear conscience and freedom to choose their own movement. White Sun's life cycle can be compared with the search of adventure.

Излучение БелогоБелый обогревСолнце излучаетСолнце излучаетСолнце излучает

How to become a Sun?

Солнце ЛюбитSimply log into resonance or transfer their energy to the existing Sun. Because the General Vibration of the planet and all life will cover wave full of happiness and joy. In order to raise the overall Vibration to support those, who already creates its own Vibration, adding them to the A General Outline Of The Vibration as another element of the, or become part of yourself. By adhering to the path of the infinite Cosmos, The creature will be able to enter into resonance with the Cosmic Frequencies. Should be an objective ostrožnost′, not to pander to the energy of the black hole, which may be any of the foreign organizations.

Солнце рождаетсяСолнца видСолнце ореолСолнце над облакамиСолнце за горами


Любуется солнцемIf the person persisted in this world – means it emits Vibrations. Some of them stronger, While some weaker. Stronger, usually, the vibration, which made a conscious emphasis. Are those Vibration, supported (in demand). For the decomposition of life on the Planets of death ", usually, in advance the structure of organized social relationships, acting on inertia, which prevents qualitative development of Vibration, and encourages quality regression Vibrations. I.e.. the destruction of Life by destroying quality of vibrations, and vibrations in General. I.e.. emphasis is placed on the spiritual energy of the dispersion and its fall. I.e.. modern Accents are not life utverždaûŝi. Suppression of unwanted inertia is not a trivial zatača, requires real action, and it seems not doable without the help of outside.

Солнце рождаетсяСолнце в МореСолнечный лучСолнечные лучи над облакамиСолнце цветет

We are interested in Vibration Level, just want, that purposefully destroys the destructive system of. In order for the, to strengthen such Vibrations, need to increase, clarify, to arouse awareness of the necessity of these vibrations in Consciousness, who can understand it. I.e.. Prozrevaûŝie Consciousness. Reinforcing this Perception in the mind of every – increasing awareness of this in the General Consciousness. That in turn gives greater determination creative personalities to emit characteristic Vibrations of a high level. That raises the overall Vibration, Increases The Psychological (Soulful) Light.

Солнце и танцыСердце из солнцаПоля под солнцемЙог и его СолнцеЧеловек под Солнцем

Collective Intelligence.

Коллективное СолнцеEach Consciousness, acceded to the General contour of the, is just A collective intelligence. Collective Consciousness – It is a living being, abiding in the Treble, which are in resonance with their own high-frequency Vibrations. In other words, interest in the, to join this People are able to emit their own high-quality Form of high frequency Vibration, i.e.. individuality. Interest in the, to join people can emit and receive high-frequency Vibration. What it gives? As many, no little – access to the collective consciousness. And it means, that any person, connects to it, Gets access to information, inside of mind, as well as becoming part of the common Consciousness. I.e.. experience of each becomes part of the experience Of Consciousness, thinking ability of each become part of the mental abilities Of Consciousness, that allows you to share complex tasks into their component parts and distribute them among “participants”, as the usual questions of natural life cycle. So does any party other than your own Consciousness is even “Advanced” Collective Intelligence, and can always get an answer or a hint, even on questions that never touched. In the future, this may provide an opportunity to communicate at a distance “by force of thought”.

Солная активностьСолнечное мышлениеСолнечный отдыхВер от СолнцаСолнце улыбнуло

The scale of Consciousness not only “Elements” Collective Intelligence, but the conventional biological organisms will grow. Just because the, the common man is able to accept and emit a high-frequency Vibration. As a result, any normal person will “Vibrate” in the high frequencies to. This will give the world another Personality. After such mass gain Shakes to the molecular level, that would provide an opportunity to “dissolve” Helix and make the necessary mutations in an organism, so you can be “be elevated”, without waiting for the 2013 of the year. (the recording was made to 16 December 2009, possible, It was the occasion for the launch of "silencing" psihotronnyh, working with 2010 of the year)

Select Prozrevaûŝih.

Prozrevaûŝij person has internal volume, striving for growth. I.e.. It is people thinking, striving for Life, seeking Growth. They can benefit.

Quick Signs.

In their questionnaires are usually used pictures filled with deep meaning. They may be so thoughtful to them, staring off into the distance. Either it will be a great picture, Radiant energy (!but not addictive), for example, Mandala , picture of beautiful Creatures (Baby:), complex harmonious colors and images plexuses.

Солнце ликСолнце ребенокЭльф ФейЭльф на лунеБудда и Лотос

In the written quote, sayings, verses emphasizing spiritual growth. Music and movies, which reflect the Spirituality. (Account should be taken of the, the subject may or may not work, because. It has already 3 of the year.)

Various “artists” demonstrate the exposed part of his body and puskaûŝie smoke or alcohol breath – not suitable. I.e.. If possible, they should not invite. Talking “I Wolf. And you will never understand” or “Black cat doesn't care what people think about it…” – These, Wolves , all in the Woods. People have nothing to ošivat′sâ. Just as it is desirable to exclude all businessmen in jackets and tight clothes, These people are smart, they will think.

Don't invite those, who wrote various mutants and, looking at them, the impression , they have just squeezed out a zit or nip the sexual organ.

The same applies to people with pictures of South Park and similar bizarre pictures.


All who try to expose their genitals on display – exclude. This low-level Vibration. They will be able to join, When will raise your vibration to the required level.

NoSex Motivation.

Anyone with three spirals of DNA can change color and body shape, physical appearance, hair. AND the third Helix is the appearance of the more beautiful the most beautiful person on the planet to date,. (Order – a tenfold difference.) I.e.. There's no point hanging on not known whose photographs, by wonder than, losing life in hopes of meeting. Their sexy body just terrible compared to those that are generated as a result of the third Helix, that can be “dissolve” If you raise The Vibration of the planet. Only amplifying the vibrations and increasing their quality can be partially or completely dissolve the Snout Protein, that was part of the biological weapons, used to destroy a promising life forms are 75000 years ago (Although, There is a suspicious lack of consistency over time). I.e.. The biological ogranizmam it is desirable at all to raise the overall Vibration — this will allow faster to get rid of a torsional protein and release all twelve native DNA helices. Of course, There are other ways to implement this, but this is the easiest and most painless.

Dissemination Of Information.

Every thinking person and all people of good will, could disseminate information (even amongst relatives), increasing the awareness of the importance of a high level of vibration and vibration-whole relationship. For starters, you can propose a study of tymy Grain Of Reason www.infinitecosmos.info/zerno/ or simply link to website. All up to you. No one should not seek to impose any style of thinking. But all these are only taking care of the, to avoid hasty decision making nesveduûŝej side, leading to the loss of the internal volume of the Energy, accumulated as a result of huge work, or impairment of health due to reckless actions. This is the only reason for which the Space gives tips and advice. Prioretetnaâ challenge – develop a collective consciousness, which will be attended by various types of high-grade vibration, that in turn will help to process the information of different quality. Amateurs Social Networks can join group love 8love.org/group-42-1.html.

Social Networks.

Supporters of the popular social networks can hold its public activities on the site. It should only take into account, that the active population not always understanding in honor, because artificial systems are active NOT understanding.

Selected candidates can, in accordance with the recommendations set out above. This will bring the Vibration of the Quality.

Better to search queries contain words of High Point: Buddha, Shakti, Krishna, The Unknown, Paranormal and d. r.. think of it Like :) With, you need to come up with something, What do you like (and not something, that would be like someone): because the participants Space Group Understand its meaning. While adhering to the principle of similarity can attract Vibration similar to your own – Space will be glad to any such you! Y ^)

Also when sending invitations can add message :

“Space you! Y ^)
We are engaged in The 8cosmos.com//zerno,
If interested – join

We are pleased to friends! :)

The faster rise of Vibration through Awareness – the faster will be the processes and will be Live namnooogo More. Everything is in your hands! :)

Instant result, in this work, is the immediate improvement in mood. I.e.. the mood will be elevated all day activists! This is due to the stimulation of high frequency Vibration. If you are able to feel their – This is your theme :) And feel their is any organism, but to varying degrees,. What should be, the mood of the whole country (or even Planet) will rise. It's also true that “Black Holes”, manipulate the surrounding, because of the inertia of the Vibrations do not feel. But your enhanced stability will be visible to the naked eye. That will lead to the understanding of CD, that the world is getting better and the great bright future are coming soon! That in turn will awaken in their heads to help activists in all possible ways, including financial. So you need to be ready to help, If she come up.

“Operating torque.”

Dealing with the awakening of the People would face the following manifestations:

1. All prozrevaûŝim you will like, and they'll Thank you for the invitation, If deemed necessary. Well, everything is clear :) ))

2. “Wolves in sheep skins” will try to get closer and snatch their prey's heart. They will pitching their purpose, to underline its exceptionality, to the victim “razmâkla and relaxed”, and then try to attack, decrease in words (or vtoptav in the dirt) the significance of Shrines of his victim, or giving them the wrapper waste. All this in words, Of course, but you need to take this into account, otherwise, If you forget to, You can spoil yourself up: will desire to communicate, to be engaged in business or work. And it does no good to.

Detractors often seek pozadavat stupid and pointless questions-not worth wasting your time on finding answers. Feel free to submit them to study the already available information, with words: “8cosmos.com – will help you satisfy your own curiosity”. By the way, in such cases, you should think about that, to have more time to devote to his real friends :)

If you often answer questions from ЧД – means, the activist too rasslabilisâ and pays too much attention to the top. Need to revise their attitude in such cases. Only the add-in can increase the level of inner strength by half – and it's decent. Do not miss this opportunity!

It should be remembered:

If you want to immerse yourself in darkness – potuši the Light.
If you want to get out of the Darkness – light the Light.
If you want to make anything – will have to do something directly with light,
Only the darkness does not have to do anything…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Never too late,
Never too early
Look at the stars,
Change all plans.

Never too late,
Never too early
Plunge into space,
Redesign plans.

Never too early,
Never too late
Look at the stars,
Look at the stars…

Never too early,
Never… late…

***Victor Tsoi and Kino-Cuckoo.

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