Танцующий слоникOnly the dancing elephant knows where he is going.

On the planets Death infants initially try to brainwash systematic nonsense, that should bring up the instincts, necessary for the obydlâčivaniâ of the brain and then making the Work of this body in the biorobot. In order for the, to “brainless” parents have their offspring without decomposition at an early age – They offer pre-prepared books “education”. “Nothing to do: take advantage of our end product” – Here is the, the authors say Satanic books.

To deny all understanding what is happening, and make dizorientaciû in lifecycles, podrostaûŝemu generation tell such tales of which is very difficult to understand a useful principle in the world. Probably, such tales are not associated with a device of life, because imagine is a dream unrealized, or the usual misinformation. Not excluded, that the authors of these stories just didn't have the heart to tell the truth, or maybe it was dangerous for life, Therefore, there is no life.

In order to stimulate some unconscious reproduction and subsequent continuous irritation, attention podrostaûŝih organisms are focusing on genitals. The, conditions are excluded in advance to study and meet an ambiguous interest. Which subsequently leads to an unexpected expansion in the family and the emergence of another servant in the circumstances.

If the slave does not teoretičeskiej wanted to bow down before the system circumstances – then it is subjected to more brutal treatment. The destruction or destruction of, to save the stabil′nst′ slave States. Usually these are officers of the KGB, THE CIA, FBI (or specific security services, cults, closed societies and awards) with all their technical arsenal. If from the beginning of Human life have been yearning for some ideals (including its own principles in place of beauty) – the closer to their adult lives begin to destroy with the help of Psychotronic weapons and other methods of erasing memory. The owners and the major factions believe, that only their understanding of the world only the right, are you normal “the weak gear” in their system. Sometimes, they shall ensure that the, that “gear” are carriers of ideas – then she put the devastation. And stole between authoritative, useful ideas “vyskočkami”. Then from biological organism RIDs, either help him move into a House for mentally ill. Duel, all States were by stolen useful ideas. Which, in most cases,, constitute State secrets. Of course, in such disclosure cannot be left without the attention of various closed society, owning “secret knowledge”, which you can create and Institute of Government. All of the useful information, accumulated closed societies, represents a “secret knowledge”, for which they do not hesitate to “pass over the”.

If the secret services and “a mysterious organization” cannot cope with their tasks – Satan come into play with his team of perverts. Only in rare cases they reach your goals. Time, after diving into a large number of disappointments, “obolvanivaemomu fool” begin to erase the memory. This is to ensure, to have the “cannon fodder” Subsequently, there was no desire to revenge.

Younger children, who should be interested in the opposite sex, mother say: “Learn, get an education, (a) “available ladies” will then”, but when it comes time to draw “then”, and it would seem time is about to come – then there is the father, brother, Uncle or grandfather, a statement: “You think I don't know, What are you going to “available ladies” go? Be a man! Take one of them and all the children, Yes live!” Strange, but where is the “available ladies”? It Turns Out, the whole shtick is that, that “available ladies” all, in their understanding. :) Very idiotično, isn't it? Lured in “game” some do not want “available ladies”, and when it comes time for reckoning – It turns out, that and pay nothing. Thus, people, one by one, no live the life… Interesting, do parents agree to allow their kids to live without “available ladies” and without thinking about “vobšebnyh” prospects? Probably, the answer is obvious: who will agree to keep their offspring from the Satanic Hell? Because otherwise the hatchling will be deemed uncooperative type.

♡ ★ ♥ Naka – Tufts ♥ ♡ ★

Perhaps elder male relatives are doing it all for the envy, or maybe they are running silent computer system. Not excluded, that life flies by because the, that children could not deny their parents, or parents can tell their children the truth. It should be noted, that representatives of the female sex, in General, happy to see this game. Still,, I guess, worth to check out his sentence for the late: the ultimate expulsion shall enforce and promote inappropriate structure, not the timeliness and their conscious organizers and performers, and the timeliness of this type is subject to freezing. The Truth, get rid of the “brainless dur” not so fast, in a pinch will prove useful as biological material.

The impression, What in the world with such a willfully unpredictable by the children give rise to only those, who hates them and wish their children to exclusive evil and suffering. Account should be taken of the, the population of the endangered worlds have to suffer various forms of “demonic influence”, that do not end with a hypnotic influence on thought, and accompany the biological organisms with the (approximately) Adolescence up to the moment of enlightenment or the physical worthlessness. The thought is not only to podkidyvanii ideas of various forms of violence and causing physical injury found to hand out or others. This is due to the fact, that “demonic program” wander in a conditional space without obstacles and create all sorts of obstacles to a healthier life.

Effects of the demonic programs leads dominant segments of society to stereotype: “Don't be a pervert – It's a shame!” Although the State laws is not registered, perversity is the norm of conduct in government circles. Installation: “If you're not a pervert then you dweeb you early to think about power.” – is the Foundation of leadership organization. This is especially true for the territories under the patronage In Dogs, and as for suitable biological organisms.

Apparently, the desire for indiscriminate sexual acts and the desire to bring their number to infinity, has historical justification. Apparently, high-level know had unique opportunities for fornication and long time bezdel′ničala, so randomly mated. Thus was born the random kids. If we take into account the level will go well above the level of unconscious aggression of a high-level of nobility – There is no doubt in their quest to fertilize any podvernuvšuûsâ female. So there is a huge amount of forever not satisfied “biological weed” with “bludskim gene”. Okupacionnogo classification of Government best suited to leadership positions. (A), can be, all wrong? :)

Small animals such as rats, mice and hamsters are the fastest, because there are no guarantees in life and are constantly on the verge of survival. That allows them to devote their lives stealing owned stocks. If we consider the slightly smaller forms of life (such as human) It can be concluded, they, too, like the mouse body parasitize Planet: steal the natural and biological resources, even prove to each other, that they own. As natural resources, reducing the number of forests, the number of animals, etc.. speed mating “podplintusnyh mice” increases the, a diet of food becomes more confusing. Dont go to multiply as podsažennym on GMOS, for already the third generation of your entire family will break branch, and along with the grandfather clock will die out all your family line. Then, being outside of the body, you will be able to behold the greatness of his own idiocy. After all, struggling to survive “mouse” multiply faster and guzzle it all, horrible.

The same, who decided to be a shame of masculinity – turn into podkablučnikov. The most ludicrous watch for healthy adults, that vygoraživaût any “agony aunts” whim and “placed under the heel” for the sake of, to their “missed in panties”. And doing it with very serious and angry face. Yet they compete for leadership roles in the life-support system. Apparently, This comes from progressive deranged cretinism. If these bad had at least some rational thinking – the endangered Planets would have at least some vision.

Many zdorovâki are torn into power, to efficiently intercept flows are useful in the sustenance of the population of the State. All the goodness they wasted on systematic practices in international cult worship podkablučnogo. For those who are interested in will determine the driving force of policy podkablučnikov. One slight movement – and peace “under the thumb”.

Affected system zombie bioformy, èfimeričnuû youth living or wandering in the consequences of their own mistakes, forty age beginning to think. The Truth, most of them think solely in order to justify their own behavior, and some try to hide their own crimes only. But what they take in forty years? If the only slave labor, After all,, It is very unlikely, What other purposes they can be suitable.

If “a conveyor of death” and “the circle of the Ecumenical perverts” led by Satan to fifty years you couldn't bury – the, I guess, like all, you buy a trendy dryndulet, to roll on it “Pivot davalok”, and the system will be grassirovat′, that occurred and your time. :) Amazing, but many prospective males spend on fifty years of life to ensure comfortable conditions for your stay, develop, understand, aware of the, Learn some elements of the sixth level, and then as a jumping “dive in low-frequency dirt” pleasures and delights, probably, from sudden changes in conditions of their brain is disconnected and no longer adequately perceive the reality. Implementing social viral program, life “the lost sheep and Rams” seeking to end.

The problem will exist as long as, until you razložiš′ her shoulder blades. :)
“All sensual leads to emptiness.” Buddha Šak″âmuni said. This means, that all emotional lead to devastation.
March 2013 the year in the Gregorian calendar ;)

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