Just a feeling Water occurs after the cleaning consciousness. Pure consciousness just loves and knows the, where is it feeling. Because there is nothing more, and all the distracting is the vanity, who reviewed. Therefore,, in order to be purified to just shake the surface a peg, nagnannuû buzz. And if you are able to do this-it's just that time, When do you need the.

The shake-up should be done for the sake of not more. People, fall under the spell of vanity, cease to notice the natural World for the reason, that shroud vanity hampers their eyes. In such situations, Creature no longer able to evaluate oneself in an adequately, and is capable of, under the shadow of the unconscious and hasty solutions, be harmful to your health. For Example, crashing into a pillar in the pursuit of satisfaction of desires, born of emotion, that instilled the power system development World. And for Infinite Space (It is a part of We all are) It is important to every living Creature. Because, help Creatures, in complex conditions, Watch out for the health of the surrounding World - our task.

Can not even dream of, that at least someone from the forever people, would believe your nebylicam that, that everything was would be so nice, If the, who is in a hurry, stopped and went walking. In this state it is not up to this. But You, as God, though a novice, You must be able to protect their Divine Love, which in varying degrees affects next Creature. Perhaps this is a potential, direct, or indirect, but actually an achievable Love. And it can be a means, It has a. Therefore, you should just create a situation, in which the Love will be achieved.

No need to persuade, just take the situation to, for what it is. I.e.. If Creature no longer able to determine, that destroys its own Love -He needs help to protect and restore their live component. Assistance is, that is down a peg, that is keeping his full life, either personally, or by using the established situation. In this situation, Creature should lose on, What causes the uncontrolled desire, or deprive the subject of adoration. This is a kind of sacrifice. The depth of destruction is determined by various factors, but the Act must be so, to avoid damage to the Love, No way. Therefore,, before you begin, you must understand horošenečko, What is love. To do this, refer to the, as stated in previous themes.

Just would like to add, that the mechanism laid down in the same Substance. As a rule, This psychological type entertains through partial destruction of the very same yourself. I.e.. alkogoličeskoe intoxication, other ways of removal from habitual way of thinking. This is because the, the body tends to Love, He somehow gets, When the usual course of thought disappears. The same sense appears after "hangover". Due to the fact, that the body is more than usually allocated forces to return to work. And when the recovery takes place- Love also more palpable, than usual, because Its and easier to notice, to this effect the "updated" elasticity of the nervous system. This type of Creatures good feel Love After the "war".

I hope it is clear. If you have any questions-write in comments. Only izlagajtes′ specifically, and then on the "water" will answer "water". If necessary, write an explanation.
Good Luck To Everyone! All Well Done. :)

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