The Gods live in The Divine World. God represents the highest level of development Creatures, and is a very The Essence Of The This Creatures.

I.e.. take, for example, River. Each river has its own Spirit. All Creatures, the combined concept of river- God rivers. I.e.. itself The essence of the River-God of rivers. Same thing with any other The Substance Of The.

One GodThe Essence Of God. I.e.. each separately taken God is an integral part of the one God. Also applies to any another Creatures.

One God infinitely larger than all combined The Gods and Creatures. Because. No matter how much was conceived The Gods new Creatures and Ideas -they can all be, If you selected the appropriate conditions. On the embodiment of energy and vitality gives One God.

The same is true then, What if God of war will go against The One And Only God -first of all, it will destroy itself. Oh and no one else. Because it is an integral part of the one God. Plus situation sees only in its scale. The scale is only.

The Gods are perfect in their Entity. And managed One God. I.e.. against God war the best to push the, who is perfectly able to fight, i.e.. God war, that happens. And this part of the The One And Only God battling with herself, but this does not happen: The Gods the and The Gods.

I.e.. There is only God and nothing more.

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