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Here's the MOP.. AA!?
It's got to this černâgu utvorit′?!!!

Info, You'll learn now, will change your view of the world formed prior to this, and it is commensurate only with the opening of the new Space, at least, and this holiday, for the whole of the cosmos. You can say, that you have not started to live…

Since childhood I was interested in my strange desire to create worlds. Where it came from if it had nowhere to gain experience…and these strange People, each of them considers himself to be the best…as I myself…

Somehow a couple of years ago I came across information that, that the pier was once people have actively 10-12 DNA, well, a lot of the associated…
Oh well, read in order of Breda with the idea, Once again nacarapana a bredâtina, some nut job, concentrated on their own dreams, and in the border state of near-total loss of consciousness. Closed, forgot…or scoring, who now remembers. :)

Also soared in the head of a “project” 25-th-Helix,information that was even less…

And I have already, as it seemed to me, long ago figured out, What is “Original Sin”. That is just a “feint” invented by the hierarchy in order, to encourage people to act. Only it is not clear why this feint need, If people have a natural origin, that in turn implies a foundation of many millions of years (If neither a billion years) development experience (i.e.. evolution), that is the basis for the future movement and the choice of destinations. In other words, in a natural course of creative skills are not needed for any.

Well, and here set up recently Crossposting (and the scale is not very noticeable was the) before you start giving away techniques of meditation to achieve Nirvana in the conscious state. And suddenly our colleague tipped off me in ICQ Assistant extracts from any documents they say “Fall Of Man, fall of man…historical fact!” Well I took this as a emotional delirium on his part due to overcapacity, impressionable youth, and small experience in information processing.

And I think “give Yes and check that the “Fall Of Man”, and the word interesting :) ”. Flipped the huge volume of information, scored on a cross-, in the evening engaged in testing. And here is what came out of it…

Due to the fact, What I found very interesting, entertaining and sentimental information flows in space – Space-we decided to not even kill all prostitutes, the Presidents of the, černâgotvoritelej, etc., and “America” do not destroy, If, Of course, all these creatures do not reverse vozželaût.

So I was not that comfortable information flow its normal, known since childhood and family , way. Watch, stand apart, from the usual and most used links, Info. No one bothers, glows bright white light, anyone not imposed by, nobody worried, No one draws…anyone, In addition to the gods…

Divine technology.

Once, for a long time. Although the Space is not a term.
Groups of different races in our universe got together and decided to create a master copy of a form of life, and invested all their best design and open.
And with the use of genetic engineering was created not simply harmonious Race, and a whole world of creatures and various forms of life.

The result was so impressive, that even the Creators were inspired by them. Speaking even easier, They succeeded in the biological form of materializing the transcendent God!!! I.e.. the collective wisdom of countless Races, who took part in the creative process and the creation of a new kind of creatures and even more so… If even easier – created a kind of intelligent life, able to breed naturally, a representative of the birth was just God, to force the thoughts create entire Worlds, The Galaxy or even Universes, and at the same time to be in contact with the entire Cosmos! (Just like Brahma in Vishnu). Not bad, isn't it? :) What do you think about whom the question? Guess three times: the first two – “not correct”. :)
Such opportunities possessed Creature in the form of Dvupologo the Androgyne. (Nothing says?) You have been active 24 DNA Helix, 100 percent of the brain, and consciousness, residing in the State of love (Nirvana, in other words), and immortal.

But in space, not all possible to achieve a high level of contact and love, sufficient to ensure, to create life. Some, starting to meet their desires, not looking for a way to convert those energy flows in žiznesoderžaŝie structure, (a), finding a short justification for, to attach all your skills and, available forces, another opportunity to meet its, the same thing!, the desire to. Thus, the substance of the cosmos, being at the mercy of their desire, and earn the tumors, and ulcers, and infection, and pick up viruses.

So goes the image of a virus in the face, of course, not one race – a lot of them there was. Of course if you stole all my life – to steal the great value of the Galaxy (minimum) avoid hard, While you may. The more, that transcendent energy collect very troublesome, and then there's you – all in one place – “bury – I do not want to”.

Well, in General, While Parents not home, inexperienced Kids, show their divine nature, While agreeing on the gimmicks and tricks (obtaining all their influence on the result of the virus,and actions, Theresienstadt reliable rescue), decide to assist in identifying ways Of healing. And consent to an experiment. (You thief ever told the truth? That's the same. But it is only know People.) The remains of two functioning DNA helix and 2-5 percent of the brain, involved in the work of the, and love becomes attainable found units for short term (though, that in the conventional understanding of LOVE! is the usual desire or even animal instinct). And quickly taken out of the laws, based on the humiliation of physiological needs, and defective satisfied desires. Add to that the distortion of religious information, made possible under the pretext of the right to free choice, and almost complete control of first layers of consciousness of Beings, which “did” This choice.

By means of pressure on the mother's divine origin, fogginess of mind magnetic arms, with the exhaustion of the consent to the experiment and pressure on Female (the desire to help and facts, rather than hints and tips), agreement was reached on a partial contamination of some fragments, some DNA (“you have so much of their, in which case the – restore”). Wave arms for effect on wave-Helix (People understand just: In case of direct exposure to the fastest: waves affect wave, biology the biology of, emotions on emotions, more vivid light darkens less bright). Biological weapons, comprising specific, twisting and enveloping the Helix DNA, protein – for infection.
In some sources written, that “androgynous gods were invited to a feast to Zeus(?), that their “cut” on two”.

By the time as living Gods clearly ascertained, that no Space-saving experiments are not carried out with their participation, they were already in the form of the Atlanteans and walked like drunk (due to the fact, the shlopnulsâ scale of awareness with the same level of energy. Soon will discuss in “Theory Of Spheres” about such – you will become all clear). Aware of the real threat, in comparing with actual data, received from space in the previous state, Atlanta decided to commit heroic feat at the cost of his own life, saving the divine essence, contained in them, and began to fight against the declared “The Gods”. And the questions of various space Races on the attribution of the outrageous conduct of a new form of Life “declared Gods” could always just answer, that: “experiment yielded an unexpected result when, the infestation covered a very large area, the process is not controlled, and as a result of a new form of Life gone crazy, that translates into a desire to destroy the environment and ourselves. That, in turn, indicates a serious infection “Space Virus”. And is not known as a life form, without the Foundation of natural development, will behave in the future. As a matter of urgency we “declared Gods” take a decision to restrict all functions of this type, to the level of life-supporting (as in animals). The same, because of the, that all this happened because of our intervention, We “declared Gods” pledge to care for them in the future and provide information for the development and progress of. Sorry…no time to talk…because. the danger is great. Thank you all, All the while…”
And the beginning of the war the Atlanteans with “The Gods”…

Of course, the sudden appearance Of this level and magnitude could not go unnoticed in an infinite Space…and even more so his disappearance. Space Is Endless…Yes this is finite. In the divine Worlds are very interested in this kind of Life. Their interest? It is very simple. Through multiple recurrence of such actions in different layers of reality, with slight modifications, You can without trying to materialize the divine essence. That in turn can accelerate the development of the common consciousness, to achieve resonance development and create divine world in infinite Space, in other words, the world of divine love in infinite Space. i.e.. Creatures, developing naturally will have a tangible benchmark, that in turn will accelerate the development and understanding of love. Yes people Love – It's easy and even in the current condition with a little clean up mind quickly achievable (How soon will all). Now I have talked about Nirvana.

(We have information for those of you who rather in space) So here in the divine World was established is phantom-phantom Helix DNA, through transcendent impact on information structure, was vživlena in these creatures, which then took the form of the Atlantean. This was only possible because the, the whole race is decided on a heroic feat and the cost of their own lives decided to defend the divine essence. That is called: Went into action with pure heart. And retained the purity of information structure of own race. Thanks to the clear impulse from the outside of the material world, okrylas′ opportunity for implanting a spiral through the information flow. Resulting in an attempt to complete destruction (and what you thought?) This kind of Life was unsuccessful. And it was decided to “Add on” gradually. It's not difficult to kill the animal…And in the divine World it was decided to collect the missing information, and depending on the outcome of the measures.

The measures and dimensions.

Since the materialization of the transcendent God was able to make an attempt on the divine essence. While this type of activity in space is considered as a crime of the FIRST ORDER of IMPORTANCE, in other words, THE SIN OF THE FIRST KIND! or ORIGINAL SIN! in General, the result of original sin was the process “Fall Of Man”, that has pushed the development of the consciousness of people in non-existent for the evolutionary past. Because, that “declared Gods” for unknown reasons they were not able to completely destroy This, pokazavšimsâ dangerous for them, Kind Of Life, but izmyvat′sâ have not stopped. To put it another way, If we imagine the archive Space, in which stores all the information about the past and the future, and possible options for the course of events – the information about the reality in, We live with all of you now, simply did not exist never. Its, Of course, document as a fact, but the reality is not the Divine Will, i.e.. When you create a Space of such developments did not provide for. And then the, what you see around you now – This is something, What's left of God conceived of the world as a result of exposure to the world of highly advanced Race of beings infected Space Virus.


Space virus is something, destructive Divine Grain. Civilization, to quickly rearrange the squares and collect and mix mosaic, What can cause a feeling of power, superiority and self-importance, not able to find a solution to the issues affecting the divine essence. In other words, panacea from this virus. Because. the first six chakras (for example, the People) funkcioniruû on princypu prymyh flows, but that's not enough. You need to have the mindset to connect, well although, the seventh.
Because. calculate the Space the tumor is not very easy – everyone is suspicious of universes
were taken to quarantine Protocol, get into it is possible only on the outside, and fly only, If you are a “no local”.

Development in the universe.

In Brief. In our universe, almost all civilizations are the natural way, Since bacteria. Something like the Darwin nasočinâl, but guessed it no more than 50%, the more, that was very much unsatisfied desires and unstoppable craving for fame, What good is seen in the title of his theories: “Darwin's theory” (“I wonder what is it about? probably on how prepare for agricultural works?”). And yet it obmanec.
When Civilization reaches the conscious level it is a selection of further ways “Dark”,either “Light” (Perhaps people are hard to understand, but for natural development is normal and necessary. Both paths aimed at cognition of love, the love with which people are born, and since childhood, people do not understand why they should fall below Its? and should not be! It is not the will of God.)

“Dark” the path is in the knowledge of Love by meeting the desires. A good example Of promoting “Dark” Rasputin is a path of spiritual development. Thank you for Rasputin, that took the time to life on our wonderful Planet! Without you I wouldn't have been able to quickly explain “Dark” path. I'm for it yet “vengeance”. :)

“Light” path: Here we have to choose from. Jesus is the most famous figure to date. Serafim Sorovskij also very revealing example. Without them we would have to not sweet :) Them too otblagodarim.

Both paths are aimed at understanding love and not have any negativity. The point, the Creatures, having a natural origin is the process of combining two opposites, in order to (Creatures) reached a State of Love and learn It. I.e.. they are born as if broken, and the process of combining a long enough. Which cannot be said about the people, who are born of love or even in the present, humiliation beyond recognition status are able to feel Her spontaneously or in the circumstances.

So here is the. In a galactic scale of development is one of the ways of development “Light” either “Darkness”. There are planet “Dark” and “Bright”. From time to time they are fighting among themselves for one reason or another, and are included in the “Ring Light” or “Ring Of Dark”.
Galaxies and Universes development cycles. I.e.. is like a young Galaxy, Galaxy-teens, mature Galaxy (probably other: I do not know). And here at the end of each cycle, certain events occur: It may be the battle, or distribution of power. In one of the cycles of development going on to battle, to determine the path of development for the entire Galaxy. The winner determines the future scenario. And the Galaxy itself, Depending on the winning party, or the Ecumenical Circle “Light”, either “Darkness”. Often neither party winners does not destroy the loser, It just sends it and all its forces in the ring type for further development.

For the Galaxy and the universe from space and the divine Worlds.

But! Because. “Space virus” constitutes a threat to the whole Space, and is the result of “tumor” left for, approximately, 260 trillion years – It must be destroyed. It is a matter of first priority for space, i.e.. Original. In other words, because. Space Virus infected individuals (as they say), included in the “Dark” the force of this Galaxy, in the event of their victory and synthesis with ring “Dark” the virus spread not only across the Galaxy, but in the universe, and then can go on and on, What should not be allowed to. Because. in case of transition of the universe to a higher level of development under such a course of events is very ambitious and want to destroy the entire universe (Our Universe. And it's already decided), that is not included in plans for the higher reason created the entire Cosmos. If Galaxy will be the final battle in which will be determined, that won “Dark” (carriers of the virus) – all of our Galaxy must be destroyed, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
Therefore, no battle “Goodness” and “Evil” in our Galaxy could not be and speech. All “individuals” infected by the virus should be isolated and quarantined (and it is the duty of all races of the universe and even outer space), just as received from across our universe, the ability to go beyond which only opens, When will the threat of infection.
Quarantined substance must wait until we, People, restore their status and will be able to get to your problem:Search cure virus. But if no solution was found and there would be a need for your destruction – so be it. If someone of the creatures is not happy with the restrictions on freedom and stay in quarantine – you need to make sacrifices. The best way to do this – Japanese Harakiri. To perform the rite should be assured, that saving Space by this method, you go on to defend the divine essence. Thus opens the possibility to affect your informational matrices of the Divine Worlds. Just before rite of Harakiri you need to be familiar with the theory Of: This will increase your awareness of space and makes unreasonable doubt.

the who calls himself “Zeus”…

I'm hard to remember( and do you know why), but I have no doubt that, I you are then told that, the most sensible option in relation to the virus, is it the destruction of. If a virus destroy not possible – the need to destroy it along with the creature, in which it is located, and to defend the divine essence from the risk of infection. You're losing time, When not able to keep his emotion, gave rise to the desire to unleash controversy, then came the anger, Managing you. And now you're convinced that, that the divine essence is immortal and comes back even of multilayer hollow. And now, If the cure for the virus not found – you will be destroyed. So what can you take me to their God of death. Because in this case I'm going to have to kill you. And my resolve is saying to you,: ” I will kill you “Zeus”! Omine Koros “Zeus”! “….
well, Bless you. nothing personal. The consciousness of our form of life is above notions of good and evil. Therefore, we (People) and do not need too many words, to communicate with each other.
Yes, and still. If you are a, all of a sudden decide to again become a slave to anger, and uncontrolled desires – I and the Cosmos will be forced to apply a technique based on the theory of the worlds, few people know that even in the universe, and if you use something like this – most likely, only by copying snippets. What I can do: can you pray for me, so that I and all my bratiki and sisters quickly regained its natural state, that would make it possible to search for a cure from the virus, you're infected.

The Creators ;)

Space you! Y ^) Guys.
Thank you all for the, taking the ability and determination to invest your love in such an unusual Form of life as a People. Your faith in us to help us Awaken. (A) assistance – stay alive. We don't keep on you evil: We Love you! Not only because love for us – the natural state, but because, We love you! :) Of course you are known not only throughout the Space, but in the Divine Realms. And there are plans to create a world of divine love in infinite Space! It will be interesting to :) Will discuss more. Yes, By the way, This “fur coat” in, now the land – This space and the gods we made. I think normally it :)


Guys, Congrats to you! You were never monkeys. Your evolution begins from the State in the form of a transcendent God incarnate. This does not mean, You toy. It says only that, In contrast to most common situation, the natural development of bacteria begins – your natural development starts from the living God. Of course, Gods usually reside in the divine Realms, But if you guys got it “call” God in his world, or even create God – He can live in it :)
Tell you good news: all “černâga”, you directly or indirectly created in life you don't count. I.e.. you do not have any relations, because. even now, your consciousness is very far from its normal state. It is something like that, If you drastically reduced to the condition of bacteria – It would make a tremendous amount of energy, and you would be veering from corner to corner, did not find a place, do not understand what is going on and they were all in a row. Well at all and there are: your normal state is much more powerful and Lûbviobil′nee. Well imagine God :) Thus no Hitler, Neither Rockefeller, Neither whores, No freaks, No pornušniki is not our fault if, what they were doing and make, and for a while will do because of the inertia. Original sin in you no no – but you are the victim of violence by Creatures infected Space Virus, their attempt to destroy the divine essence (Action with the first level of importance – Seminal). And still: the concept of “Karma” does not apply to those who are above causal relationships: namely – in love. Restore rather.
To me you are all Bratiki and sister regardless of age. However as I do for you :) I already have some techniques of detecting DNA I you tell them soon. Once you read all this and begin your Awakening. Feelings such if you head changed, and subsequently the body. Can go tears, begin to feel dizzy, “swim” reality, feeling like you have a very large head. :) I, in turn, promise to, that will do everything possible, and not possible (for God is just :) , If you awaken and regain your normal. But if it finds the, that you provide a space Virus, a method of cure will not – you will have to isolate the, and the need to eliminate.
Yes and know, the main thing is not to survive, and if necessary, fight even at the cost of his own life for the sake of, to protect the divine essence: What gives birth to divine love. This is due to the fact, Atlanta then it is understood that we now have the opportunity to talk. And if you remember something like that, even remotely – means, that you have not completely wiped out the memory of those events.

Do not be afraid for us to defend the entire Cosmos and Divine Worlds.

If you're a Man – show it all, who have not seen.

About me.

Of course the Rapture is great: many of its features, Although few believe :) But, I hope so, No one will mind, If raspuŝu all their 25 spirals, perhaps even early. Just in this State feel naturally:)
20 June 2009 of the year, I experimentally ascertained,, that has reached Nirvana (Samadhi, Сомати) in the conscious state. But could not imagine, that awaits me after three days no less fantastic opening. Where a more fantastic Nirvana?
23 June 2009 of the year … started My Awakening. And now it's your turn!

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